Pop Music Is Not a Crime - EP

, 2023
  1. 01Stroma
  2. 02Pop Music Is Not a Crime
  3. 03Ink
  4. 04Generation Y / Vanity
  5. 05City Lights (feat. Thea Riley)
  6. 06Highlands
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Pop Music Is Not a Crime - EP image
Debuting on 2015 an on an LP of the same name "Pop Music Is Not a Crime," which has since become a personal branding of HVXLII's, these 6 tracks have been brought back out the vault and remastered to give them a new lease on life. While many other tracks exist from his time spent under the name Dylan Grimm, these 6 have really stood the test of time and HVXLII finds himself returning to listening to them time and time again. One of them, "Ink," still finds itself in his live setlist to this day despite being initially released nearly 10 years ago.
This EP releases on November 24, 2023, exactly 8 years after the release of the original LP.