HVXLII - Cave of Wonders (Live from My Home Studio)

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HVXLII - Cave of Wonders (Live from My Home Studio)
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now guess whos back on a kinda new track, i got everyone online going maaad! and by mad, i mean cringing because...while i never feel the need to explain myself, i will preface this video by saying it was 2am, i was in pupspace and this was the result...idk man i tried to save it with editing but by design i only do so many takes so sorry not sorry 🤷🏽‍♂️
this song was written by the absolute stunna and lyrical genius Allison Martin (who you can hear at the start of the very last chorus btw) for an old project of hers and she very graciously let me release my cover of it 🥰
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